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 Chris' Crusade created in 2000
In an attempt to help reduce the incidence of violence in our society today, we are sponsoring this program in memory of our son and brother, Chris Maki.

Chris' Crusade is offered to any middle schools who wish to participate. In the past the following schools have been actively involved. Turkey Hill Middle School in Lunenburg, Overlook Middle School in Ashburnham, Samoset in Leominster and Hawthorne Brook in Townsend


*To create an awareness of the impact of violence in our society
*To allow middle school age students the opportunity to discuss and express their concerns relevant to violence

Suggested Curriculum

ASSIGNMENTS: We recommend the following approaches be considered in order to involve the entire student body. We are willing to participate in both the introduction and the award portion of the program. We can participate by addressing the students either in the individual class rooms (English / Art) or the entire student body in an assembly. We are willing to share our story with the students to give them a first-hand account of the impact of violence on a family from their community. If preferred, we are willing to instead address the faculty. We do feel the program's success is strengthened with our involvement.

As a mandatory English assignment, have the students write an essay on (one of the following):
* What can be done to reduce violence in our society
* What does peace mean to me
*How can "I" make a difference

As a mandatory Visual Art project have the students create a visual project expressing (either);
* How I see peace
* The consequences and/or effects of violence

RECOGNITION: The program involves up to three levels of recognition for the students. The first is a Chris Maki Memorial Foundation Pen ... with the message "Striving to Achieve Peace and End Violence" on it. A pen is given to each participating student. The second is the award of a $50 savings bond to the best essay / art project of each grade. The third is optional (depending on the timing of the program, and the willingness of the winners), and involves displaying the top essays / art projects at the Chris Maki Violence Awareness Walk.

In determining the winners of the essay/art project we suggest the following:
1. The faculty select the top three essays/projects from each grade.
2. Those essays/projects are forward to the Chris Maki Memorial Foundation Board for final selection.

Finally, we suggest that the school host some kind of an awards ceremony or presentation. This can be an all school assembly, assembly by grade, or announcement during class.

U.S. Savings bonds are awarded and presented to:
*The best essay in each grade
* The best art project in each grade

COMMUNITY OUT REACH: We also encourage the students and faculty to participate in our annual Chris Violence Awareness Walk. The walk will be held on Sunday, April 18, 2004 at 1p.m. We ask that the school participate in promoting the walk to the student body (via announcements and the display of posters). Students can be encouraged to participate at several different levels, by sponsoring a walker, walking themselves, and / or promoting the walk to others. It is important to understand and communicate to the students that the walk is the primary fund-raiser for our Foundation, and is what funds the Chris Crusade and similar programs.

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