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Every Step of the Way: How Four Mothers Coped with Child Loss
Yvonne Lancaster, Anne Dionne, Deborah LeBouf Kulkkula and Jane Maki

It was a cool, rainy October night in 2003, when I had the privilege of meeting with three other mothers who were also coping with the loss of a child. In addition to the obvious connection that bonded us together, we also shared a dream. That dream was to write a book. We wanted to write about the experience of losing a child, but more importantly, we wanted our boys to be remembered, and to help others who were struggling from child loss as well.

On that October night, in the warmth, comfort and security of Deb and Peter Kukkula's home Deb, Anne Dionne, Yvonne Lancaster and I made the commitment to "just do it". We would write our book. We established our mission and our goals and for the next 18 months or so we had monthly meetings at Yvonne's home. Together with the editorial guidance and expertise of Yvonne's husband Neil, we would discuss our project, its progress and plan our strategy. Finally, our work completed, and our objectives fulfilled we began the enormous challenge of getting our work published.

Publish America accepted our manuscript and this past week, (right in time for Mother's day) we each received a copy of our book, Every Step of the Way: How Four Mothers Coped With Child Loss.

It can be purchased through Publish America (http://www.PublishAmerica.com) as well as through Amazon.com and Barnes and Noble.com. One minor note… on the latter 2 sites my name is not yet listed (that's what happens when your name starts with an "M"). It is on the cover of the book though and if you search by using one of the other author's names it will come up. My own shipment of books is on the way so if anyone is interested in getting a copy let me know.

With peace, love and compassion,