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Established in 1997 by the family and friends of thirty year old Chris Maki. Chris was randomly attacked, robbed and stabbed to death while walking to his apartment in Charlotte, NC on November 5, 1997.

The mission of the foundation is to educate all, especially the young, about the occurrence and the consequences of violence in our society today.


December 19, 1966 - November 5, 1997

Thank you Chris for 30 beautiful years!

Thank you for being a loving and caring son;
You were never afraid to let the world know how much you loved us all.
Thank you for being Dad's special sailboat/Volvo/ and car pal.
Thank you for being my book pal and for introducing me to the therapy of keeping a journal.
I now have my Chris journal. It is my way of talking to you and never letting you go from my life.
Thank you for always being the twin's big brother and their always-best friend.
Thank you for the joy you have given to Grammy.
Thank you from your Aunts, Your Uncles and your Cousins
.... for all the laughs and for all the happiness you brought
and especially for capturing the moments with your camera each and every time we were together.
Thank you for adhering to work ethics and principles not often found in today's world.
Thank you from all your friends for being such a special friend and especially for being you.
Your love of life touched all the people in your life.
There is now a brand new angel in heaven and we need him to watch over us all. Now and then please touch us in a way that we feel your presence.
You have your early retirement!
Play your harmonica.... happy reading, sailing, skiing, snowboarding, biking, car racing, etc.etc.... etc.
We love you; we miss you and you are with us every moment of our lives.